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We are a warm and welcoming mental health clinic, in Manchester city centre, providing high quality psychotherapy, counselling and clinical hypnosis on 1 to 1 basis in person or online Whatever the concern, it is our priority to provide resolutions to these by using high standards of therapeutic practice.

Our primary treatments focus on 'couples counselling / relationship management', 'weight loss treatments', 'overcoming depression', 'addictions' and 'stress management'.

The types of treatment on offer are a combination of:
* 'Talking therapies', such as 'counselling' & 'psychotherapy' , speaking to us about anything, allowing flexible resolutions as and when required to be put in place.

* 'NLP' – Neuro Linguistic programming' - is an approach to 'model excellence'. The techniques and approaches here can achieve successful results very quickly if that is what is wanted.

* Clinical Hypnotherapy – we also uses clinical hypnotherapy, to help the 'sub-conscious' work with the 'conscious' with more control


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NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming communication is widely used in the world of counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy for almost ‘any medical or emotional issue’ influencing life. e.g.more control, weight loss, stopping smoking, depression etc.


All appointments are done in complete privacy and are at least 1 hour in length done by one of our specialists who will customise the appropriate treatment. To make a booking, simply click here to let us know when the appointment is wanted or phone give us a call.

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